Trans American

Welcome to Trans American Virtual Airlines!

Welcome to Trans American!

Trans American is a fictional Virtual Airline that has been started in May, of 2013 by Chief Executive Officer Kelan Reilly.

About our Virtual Airline

Below are some of the things you should know about joining Trans American!

  • Friendly Atmosphere

  • Trans American is built with our Pilots in mind! Our Staff and fellow pilots can't wait for YOU, yes, YOU to join our friendly atmosphere!

  • Easy to use Pilot Center!

  • Using phpVMS can be treaky at times, but with the pilot Center provided for us, you can easily get to where you need to be by using it!

  • Alot of Information!

  • Aside from our wonderful pilot, and Executive staff, our website provides you witha ll of the nessesary information you need in order to be successful here at Trans American!